Top 5 Best Ski Bags

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If you’re looking for the best way to carry a pair of skis and skiing equipment, you need the best ski bag. Ski bags hold more than just your skis—everything from your ski pole guards to your favorite pair of pants to your ski vise can be stored in one of these bags. Finding a great ski bag can help make it a lot easier to take all of your gear to the resort. Keep reading for our ski bag reviews and ratings below.

The 5 Top Ski Bags

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating *
Best Choice Athletico Padded Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo ♥♥♥♥♥
Premium Pick Athletico Mogul Fully-Padded Ski Travel Bag ♥♥♥♥♥
Best Value Element Equipment Ski Bag with Shoulder Strap ♥♥♥♡♡
Runner Up Athletico Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo ♥♥♥♥♡
Honorable Mention High Sierra Ski Bag and Boot Equipment Travel Bag Combo ♥♥♥♥♡
is made possible by its users.
When you buy a product through a link on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn More.

* Ratings are determined using our specialized rating system.

Ski bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features. Your needs can vary a lot depending on whether you’re traveling by car or air, how many skis you’re bringing, and whether you’ll be carrying all of your equipment. We searched the internet to find the top five best ski bags so you can pick the one that suits your needs.

★ Best Choice
Best Choice for Best Ski Bag: Athletico Padded Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo

The Athletico Padded Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo is the best ski bag because it comes with a bonus boot bag that you can use to carry your ski boots or other skiing gear.

This padded two-piece ski and boot bag set from Athletico accommodates skis up to 200 cm and boots up to a size 13. It’s made with 600D water resistant polyester, and the dense padding is 5 mm thick to keep your equipment safe and protected. The boot bag has an additional mesh side pocket that you can use for easy access to your gloves, googles, or other smaller gear.

The great thing about this high-quality single ski bag is that the top part isn’t padded and is built to roll up and down, so you can secure smaller skis with ease and not have to worry about them sliding around and being scratched up. If your boots are bigger than a size 13, the boot bag is a convenient size for your ski helmet, jacket, pants, goggles, and other necessary gear on the snowy trails.


  • Comes with a bag for carrying your ski boots
  • Comes with detachable shoulder straps
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Boot bag can’t fit boot larger than size 13
♛ Premium Pick
Premium Pick for Best Ski Bag: Athletico Mogul Fully-Padded Ski Travel Bag

The Athletico Mogul Fully-Padded Ski Travel Bag is the best ski bag because it’s made from ultra-durable water-proof 600D polyester that will stand up to many, many ski trips.

The zippered Athletico Mogul Padded Ski bag is a fully-padded, heavy-duty ski bag that ensures the highest level of protection for your equipment. It’s a sturdy bag created with 600D water-resistant polyester, 5 mm protective high-density foam, and has a full wrap-around zipper for easy loading and unloading of your alpine skis, ski poles, and other gear. It comes in a 170 cm and 185 cm sizes for different ski pole lengths and has enough space for your goggles, pants, and jacket too.

The padded handle allows for easy gripping without digging into your hand too much, and this ski case also has two buckled compression straps. The compression straps allow you secure any size or amount of equipment into the bag without rattling or jostling of equipment. While it doesn’t come with a separate shoulder strap, the handles will be long enough to sling over the shoulder on most people.


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Double zipper to prevent catching
  • Waterproof backing


  • No option for skis longer than 185 cm
$ Best Value
Budget Choice for Best Ski Bag: Element Equipment Ski Bag with Shoulder Strap

The Element Equipment Ski Bag with Shoulder Strap is the best ski bag because it’s a great option for skiers on a budget and can hold skis up to 190 cm in length and possibly even more than a single pair of skis.

The Element Equipment Ski Bag is perfect for skiers on a budget. This 600D PVC-coated polyester bag holds skis up to 190 cm and is very wide and spacious, so it may be able to fit two sets of skis depending on size and ski bindings. This is not a fully padded bag, so while it will keep your equipment secured and together, it may not be the best for plane travel or very rough travel.

It’s a great basic ski bag, and it’s small enough to fit on a ski roof rack. Due to the lack of stiff padding, it rolls up easily for storage purposes on the off-season and is extremely light to carry around. The included shoulder straps make carrying even easier when out and about.


  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Extremely lightweight (less than 3 pounds)
  • Made from durable 600D PVC-coated polyester


  • Not fully padded bag, so not best suited for air travel
♥ Top Pick
Runner Up for Best Ski Bag: Athletico Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo

The Athletico Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo is the best ski bag because it’s a less expensive version of our favorite ski bag and still comes with a helpful and handy boot bag.

This two-piece ski and boot bag set from Athletico is the non-padded version of the first option in the list. The 600D water-resistant polyester ski bag is built for skis up to 200cm, with a roll-up top for and adjustable length so you can carry shorter skis. The ski boot bag is suitable for boots up to size 13, and the wrap around zipper means easy access and loading of all of your gear. However, the handle is padded, meaning comfortable carry whether you’re just taking it to the car and back or walking it through mountains.


  • Ski bag and boot bag combo
  • Padded handle
  • Adjustable to shorter skis


  • Non-padded isn’t suitable for air travel
♥ Top Pick
Honorable Mention for Best Ski Bag: High Sierra Ski Bag and Boot Equipment Travel Bag Combo

The High Sierra Ski Bag and Boot Equipment Travel Bag Combo is the best ski bag because it’s made from 600D Duralite material and can be folded down to better secure shorter skis.

This ski bag and boot bag combo from High Sierra is a great, very affordable option for upcoming ski trips. The boot bag holds one pair of ski boots that is up to size 13, so it will be able to accommodate most shoe sizes, and the ski bag holds skis up to 200 cm. This is a lightweight, universal option that will be able to accommodate most people, and the ski bag barely weighs more than 3 pounds, so it isn’t a hassle to carry around.

The ski bag has one folding end to secure shorter skis, and as a non-padded option it is very flexible for storage. However, that means it’s less durable for very rough travel (plane travel, for example). The three-quarter zipper may require some gear maneuvering on your part versus a full length zipper, but the bag is plenty spacious for your equipment.


  • Great price
  • Removable boot bag included
  • Made with 600D Duralite material


  • Not built for air travel

Features to Consider for the Best Ski Bag

Ski bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes meant for different length skis and accessories. Some come with additional accessories to consider. Now that you’ve finished reading the ski bag reviews, you can take a closer look at the different features you may want in one.

Additional Bags

Some ski bags are just the bag without any extras, but many also come with additional bags like boot bags or equipment bags. This doesn’t help you if you already have a boot bag or additional gear bag, but it’s a great option if yours is getting worn or you specifically want a matching pair. Extra bags can also be used for gear other than boots—I like using mine for things like my ski shin guards and ski impact shorts. Matching sets make navigating baggage claim easier, whether you care much for aesthetics or not.

Zipper Length

Some bags have three-quarters zippers, and others are entirely wrap-around. Wrap-around zippers are better for getting skis and ski poles in that are close to the length limit of the bag, but can be more delicate since zippers break more easily than the polyester of the bag. While it’s not the most important characteristics, a long zipper can help out a lot in the long run for fitting everything you need into your ski bag.

Roof Rack Compatible

If you have a ski or snowboard roof rack for road ski trips, check the dimensions to see if the bag will fit in your roof rack. You may want to go with a padded bag if you’ll be strapping it to the roof to ensure that you don’t accidentally scratch or put too much pressure on your equipment.

Compression Straps

Some bags come with buckling compression straps as well as the zipper. Compression straps aren’t necessary, but they help secure everything tightly so there’s no jostling or sliding inside the bag, which could scratch your equipment. The straps are generally adjustable, so you can tighten it just as much as you need. The straps have the added benefit of taking pressure off the zipper, which may extend the lifespan of the zipper.

Single Versus Dual Zipper

Some ski bags just have one zipper, while others have two. Does this make a difference? Two zippers are great for tight fits in your ski bag if there isn’t a ton of space, and have the added advantage that if one zipper breaks, the bag is still functional.

Traveling Capabilities

If you like to travel with your skis, you should invest in a ski bag with a hard case made from high-density polyethylene, especially if you travel by plane. You can also get a wheeled ski bag or wheeled double ski bag to make transporting easier.

Benefits of Using Ski Bags

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you need a ski bag, we have a few things to consider how a good ski bag may make your life easier during ski season.

Saves Mess in Your Car

If you don’t have a ski bag for your gear or a roof rack, your car may end up being a mess while you’re on the road. A quality ski bag will last for years, and will spare you a lot of mess in your since all of your ski gear will be compacted into one space. Many ski bags can be secured on top of roof racks as well, taking the equipment outside the car interior entirely.

Easy to Carry

It may seem a little silly since bags are meant precisely to carry things, but you have to make sure that the bag is good for carrying with your situation. If you just need to be able to get the bag from the house to the car, it’s not as important as if you’re carrying the bag on your back for hours at a time or carrying through airports.

Precautions of Using Ski Bags

While a good ski bag can take a lot of figurative weight off your shoulders, there are a few things to look out for before making a purchase. Different traits may be important to you depending on what kind of skiing you do, whether you travel by car or plane, and how often you’ll be skiing, but we’ve made a handy checklist to go through for the bag ones.

What Measurements Really Mean

Generally, you should aim to have about 5 cm of extra room so you’re not stressing the zipper too much. So a 170 cm ski bag is good for up to 165 cm skis, and 195 cm skis for a 200 cm. You generally want to keep some wiggle room to accommodate ski bindings and to be easier on the zippers, otherwise you may have a very difficult time squeezing your skis in and out without tearing the bag.

Single Zipper Without Compression Straps

Generally, a ski bag with single three-quarters or partial zipper without compression straps will be less durable and more likely to break over time. However, they will also on average be less expensive, so it depends on what is your primary priority right now. Three-quarter bags are a good choice if your skis have more wiggle room compared to the total length of the bag, but the closer the skis are to the max size, the harder time you will have with three-quarter length zippers. Wrap-around zippers eliminate this problem by allowing the bag to open all the way.


When it comes down to the bottom line, the Athletico Padded Two-Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo is the best ski bag. This foam-padded set comes with everything that you could need for your upcoming trips. The roomy ski sleeve with the addition of the boot bag means there’s plenty of room for your skis as well as all the rest of your gear. The foam padding will keep your skis and other equipment safe, and the roll down bag allows you to adjust for shorter or children’s skis without risking damage to your equipment. It’s a great price for coming with the ski bag and boot bag.

I hope these ski bag reviews have helped you!