Top 5 Best Powder Snowboards

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Choosing the best powder snowboard is like entering a room of people for a speed dating event. At first, you are thrown off by all the strange shapes in the room and there’s likely a few that are raising eyebrows. However, hidden amongst the crowd is true love. This is no different than sifting through the numerous powder board options. Check out our powder snowboard reviews and ratings below.

The 5 Top Powder Snowboards

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating *
Best Choice Jones New York Snowboards Mind Expander Snowboard ♥♥♥♥♥
Premium Pick YES Optimistic Snowboard with Modern Camber Profile ♥♥♥♥♥
Best Value Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher Snowboard ♥♥♥♡♡
Runner Up Lib Tech T Rice Orca Snowboard Mens ♥♥♥♥♡
Honorable Mention Nitro Squash Splitboard with Progressive Sidecut ♥♥♥♥♡
is made possible by its users.
When you buy a product through a link on our site, we may earn a commission. Learn More.

* Ratings are determined using our specialized rating system.

While there is no single formula regarding the profile, shape, or size for a powder specific snowboard. All the best powder snowboard options have one feature in common: their ability to float through the deep snow. Keep reading for more information about the top five best powder snowboards to choose from for your new board.

★ Best Choice
Best Choice for Best Powder Snowboard: Jones New York Snowboards Mind Expander Snowboard

The Jones New York Snowboards Mind Expander Snowboard is the best powder snowboard because it uses a bamboo core that make the board lightweight and has a special edge for better control and grip.

As one of the absolute best powder snowboard models on the market, the Jones Mind Expander has every feature you need for a gnarly ride. It features a Christenson Surf Rocker with a custom tail and tip profile. Therefore, when you weight the board tail the nose pushes up out of the snow for an insane float, even in the deepest snow.

The Mind Expander boasts Traction Tech 2.0 which uses two bumps per edge to improve edge control and heightened grip within all conditions. This best-in-class board has 3D Base Contour 3.0 with a focus on freeriding and 7mm of spoon bevel integrated into the tail and nose. The core consists of responsibly sourced bamboo for a nice lightweight ride, and the laminates are comprised of Biax Fiberglass with a Carbon Web Fused Reinforcement.


  • Bamboo core for a lightweight ride
  • Christenson Surf Rocker for an insane float on the deepest snow
  • Traction Tech 2.0 for enhanced edge control and grip
  • 3D Base Contour to assist during freerides


  • Average performance on carving, switching, and jibbing
♛ Premium Pick
Premium Pick for Best Powder Snowboard: YES Optimistic Snowboard with Modern Camber Profile

The YES Optimistic Snowboard with Modern Camber Profile is the best powder snowboard because its board is sintered for boosted speed and a Carbon PowerDrive 2.0 for lightness.

With the ability to rail it, float it, and send it, the Yes Optimistic board is one of the best powder snowboard models on the market. This board has an aggressive sidecut and UnderBite edges resulting in an all-terrain shredding machine. This board features a wide waist to improve stability and excellent versatility due to the long nose and stubby tail.

The core is constructed from Carbon PowerDrive 2.0 which is a lightweight material. Inserted into the channels are pre-bent carbon-wrapped bamboo stingers for a responsive core. The board has a Triax Fiberglass + Carbon laminate to ensure durability and beauty. The board is sintered creating a harder board that can be faster for the aggressive rider. YES offers a lifetime warranty on all its products.


  • Uses a Carbon PowerDrive 2.0 core for a lightweight ride
  • Sintered board for speed
  • The exterior has a Triax Fiberglass + Carbon laminate for durability and beauty


  • Not the best option for the terrain park
$ Best Value
Budget Choice for Best Powder Snowboard: Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher Snowboard

The Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher Snowboard is the best powder snowboard because it comes at an affordable price point and is an easy ride, making it great for beginners.

As one of the best powder snowboards available, the Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher certainly delivers on its slush slashing capabilities. As an excellent budget choice, the Slush Slasher is a playful powder ripper that has changed the snowboarding game. Its shortboard is excellent on turns and can be just as fun on jibs as in the deep powder. This board can be an excellent choice to use as a beginner snowboard.

The directional camber is a Party Profile, making it simple to ride in the midsection allowing for the nose to rise above the powder. The board is constructed from FSC certified poppy which is lightweight and offers excellent flex. The laminate is a special blend of fiberglass resin for increased durability a strength. The base also features Superdrive EX, which is a sintruded base material that offers high abrasion resistance for an incredibly smooth ride.


  • Fiberglass resin for improved strength and durability
  • Lightweight and flexible board constructed from FSC certified poppy material
  • Party Profile camber for an easy-to-ride board
  • Superdrive EX sintruded base material for a smooth ride


  • Not the best board for switches
♥ Top Pick
Runner Up for Best Powder Snowboard: Lib Tech T Rice Orca Snowboard Mens

The Lib Tech T Rice Orca Snowboard Men’s is the best powder snowboard because this board can be used on all terrains, not just powder, and it has great stability while turning.

As an expert board for steep terrain and deep snow, the Lib Tech T Rise Orca Men’s Snowboard is a great powder snowboard options available because it is also impressively stable at speed and holds an excellent edge. Crafted with C2X all-terrain hybrid camber/rocker profile shaping and Magne-Traction edges, this board allows for an aggressive but precise ride with unparalleled stability.

The C2X technology is a shorter but more insistent banana rocker with underfoot cambers. The nose is longer than previous models, so it is meant to be ridden shorter. This board is available in three sizes, 147, 153, and 159 with the ability to downsize by 3-5 cm from a typical ride. The wider waist accommodates those with larger feet to still ride a smaller size. The width also provides additional surface area for improved float in powder.


  • An overall well-balanced board
  • Excellent carving ability through the snow
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Very smooth stability, even during turns


  • The board is on the stiffer side
♥ Top Pick
Honorable Mention for Best Powder Snowboard: Nitro Squash Splitboard with Progressive Sidecut

The Nitro Squash Splitboard with Progressive Sidecut is the best powder snowboard because it features a splitboard construction that lets you break the snowboard apart to use it as skis.

With the ability to float like a boat, turn like a dream, and hike like a Billy goat, the Nitro Squash Splitboard Men’s Snowboard is one of the best powder snowboard models available. Designed to rip through powder and engineered to get you from point A to point B, the Squash Split performs in all conditions due to the combination of True Camber and Progressive Sidecut.

The tapered swallowtail shape delivers the ride you need for groomed trails or backcountry powder. With this board, you can enjoy effortless turns and the Sintered Speed Formula HD Base helps you easily glide over flat spots. If you are searching for an excellent splitboard that will give you the ride of your dreams, then consider the Nitro Squash Splitboard.


  • Construction allows for effortless turns
  • Features a True Camber and Progressive Sidecut to perform in all conditions
  • Sintered Speed Formula HD helps glide over flat spots


  • Slightly stiffer than most boards

Features to Consider for the Best Powder Snowboard

There is a different snowboard for every situation, so you need to choose the right type of snowboard for how you ride. While you can shred powder with a freeride snowboard, you really need a powder snowboard in order to get the perfect ride. After reading powder snowboard reviews, you need to think about the features you want in your board.

Camber to Rocker

Many powder boards have a camber under the foot but transition to a rocker at the nose. This type of board floats perfectly and gives you excellent turning precision, pop, and power which are common to camber boards.


Directional snowboard shapes have longer noses than tails which help position you toward the tail allowing for an easier float through deeper snow. Direction twin boards have the same features only with the addition of a centered flex. To accommodate deeper snow, you can mount bindings a little further back than usual.


Snowboard flexibility is caused by the board’s construction and measures from 1-5 with 1 being the softest and 5 being the stiffest. Softer flex boards can maneuver quickly and feel much more forgiving. Stiff flex boards require more force to maneuver but are considerably more stable when dropping big jumps or cruising down the mountain at high speeds.


The nose profile has evolved as snowboard designers have changed this aspect numerous times over the years. One of the best developments from the various iterations is the blunt nose. This is the nose that is chopped off (squared) right at the tip. Blunt noses have the advantage of cutting down on exposed surface area thus allowing the backwash to shift over the tip. This means you can increase and maintain speed in deeper snow without moving right through it. Plowing through piles of snow will slow you down and prevent you from riding on the snowpack.


Although some advanced riders prefer camber over the rocker in powder, most agree that the simplicity and ease of riding a rocker board through deep snow cannot be matched. Camber features a downward shape that drives the board under the snow. To counteract this process, significant back leg pressure needs to be applied, especially in heavy and wet snow. On the other hand, rocker boards float naturally and simplify riding powder, while making it more pleasurable. One of the main reasons for the development of rocker boards is to more easily ride in deep snow.


A taper is simply the width difference from the nose to the tail of the board. A tapered board features a narrower tail allowing the tail to sink in deep snow once weighted, thus raiding the nose and causing the board to better float on top of the snow.


If you buy a great powder board, you can use it for multiple purposes. A great powder snowboard can also make a great freeride board, all-mountain board, freestyle board, and so on. If you want a board that will help you experience multiple styles of snowboarding, you can’t go wrong with a powder snowboard.

Benefits of Using Powder Snowboards

While there are many features of powder snowboards that provide an advantage over a traditional snowboard, the benefits come down to two primary features: camber and rocker. In the early 2000s, all the best snowboards were based on a camber design then the rocker came into the picture which revolutionized the snowboarding industry.


Camber adds pop to snowboards which provides you with excellent edge control when turning. For many years, snowboards used this type of design exclusively and it continues to be a popular choice. When on a flat surface, cambered boards have an uplifted midsection with the contact points being at the nose and tail. The middle arch (only a few millimeters) is the camber section. Therefore, when you press into the board, the camber flattens allowing for continuous contact with the snow. Advantages include better control at high speeds, excellent stability while turning, and a firm grip on hard snow.


A rocker is the opposite of a camber delivering a continuous and balanced arc curving upwards from the center. The shape resembles the floor rails of a rocking chair, hence the name rocker. The contact space is below the rider, closer to the feet. Other names include negative camber, reverse camber, and alternate camber. A rocker system offers the following benefits: improved float in powder, excellent maneuverability, and an over park experience due to a reduction in catching edges.

Precautions of Using Powder Snowboards

While snowboard is generally a safe sport, there are some risks involved in this activity, including:

Don’t Start Snowboarding Without Instruction

One rookie mistake is to go up the mountain and just start attempting to ride down the hill. Snowboarding is difficult until you find a groove, so all beginners should invest in correct instruction. This includes learning how to fall and get up. It also doesn’t hurt for experienced snowboarders to take a refresher course.

Don’t Overexert Yourself

Another common mistake for beginners is overdoing it on the mountain. During the offseason, it is important to get in shape through a regular exercise routine, so you don’t pull a muscle, have back problems or worse. Also, don’t fall into the “just one more run” trap when your legs are tired and aching. The result can be a serious injury that could have been avoided by just hanging up your helmet for the day.

Sliding Snowboards

Snowboards were designed to glide down snow and feature sharp metal edges and sturdy construction. Therefore, if you let snowboards slide away, they can become dangerous weapons, even on the easiest slopes. You must always be careful when putting on and taking off your snowboard.

Wear the Proper Gear

One of the biggest snowboarding risks is falling or running into an object or another rider. Therefore, you must be wearing proper gear. This includes a snowboard helmet, goggles, and snowboard boots that fit properly. Also, since you will be directly exposed to the weather, protect your skin from the cold and wind, and wear layers of clothing.


While all these boards are excellent choices, the best powder snowboard in the market is the Jones New York Snowboards Mind Expander Snowboard. It has all the features the competition wished they had in their boards: a highly customized rocker configuration for an incredible float, a bamboo core to ensure a lightweight ride, and a 3D Base Contour which is perfect for freerides. Furthermore, the Mind Expander boasts Traction Tech 2.0 which greatly improves edge control and grip. If you are searching for the best powder snowboard on the market that provides the softest ride with exceptional performance and handling, then look no further than the Jones Mind Expander Snowboard.

I hope these powder snowboard reviews have been helpful!